Can I eat this?

Can I eat this food, even if it's not on my food chart?When you receive your Metabolic Typing nutrition profile, you also receive a starter food chart for your Metabolic Type.

This food chart list hundreds of foods, categorized by whether they are Ideal, Neutral, Rarely Eat, or Avoid for your type.

Often when clients first get their new plan, the food chart is the first thing they check. And they start checking it to see if their favorite foods are on it, and what category these foods are in. If they find that the food is marked as “rarely eat” or “avoid”, or if they can’t find the food on the chart, they will email me and ask me, “Can I eat this food or that food?”

I’m sorry to say … that’s a really bad way to start your new metabolic plan!


If You Want Different Results …

Think of it this way. You probably came to us because your current approach to diet and nutrition has NOT been working. You may be having weight problems, or health problems, or poor digestion, or a lack of energy. But whatever the problem is, you came here because your eating habits have not been working.

In just about EVERYTHING in life, if you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results. So if you want different results, you have to do different things. This is especially true in nutrition.

So to start your new plan, you need to FORGET about what you have been doing. You need to clear your mind of what has worked or not worked for you up until now.

You need to decide to begin anew. You need to start with a new attitude towards nutrition.


Becoming Your Own Nutrition Expert

As part of that new attitude, you need to stop thinking in terms of “can I eat this?” or “can I eat that?” Instead, think of yourself as a “food researcher”. You need to take the steps to determine if a given food works for you or not. And these steps are clearly spelled out in the MetaTyping Checklist you received with your plan.

That’s why we call the chart we give you a “starter” food chart. It’s the starting point for your exploration and for learning the food skills that will help YOU understand what your unique body and metabolism needs.

I was discussing this with a colleague last week, and we both agreed – the food chart is the LEAST important part of all of Metabolic Typing. It can help you get started, especially during the first few months, but after that, the food chart becomes irrelevant.

What’s really important is learning to listen to what your body is telling you, and learning how to adjust what foods you eat to give yourself the best health, weight, energy, and digestion. Once you have those skills, you don’t need a chart to tell you whether to eat a certain food or not.

You’ll just know, because you’ll have become your own nutrition expert.

About Carole Taylor
Carole Taylor is a nutritionist, Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advisor, and a Certified Neurogistics Wellness Practitioner. She focuses on work with clients online to help them improve their health, control their weight, and get better energy and digestion through Real Metabolic Typing. To get your free video on Real Metabolic Typing®, just visit Carole's website at MetaTyping.Com

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