Does your blood type reveal your metabolic type?

Does your blood type reveal your Metabolic Type?On a previous blog post, one of our website visitors wrote:

Hi Carole,

I recently acquired a copy of ‘Eat Right For Your Type’, bought for me by a dear friend. I intend to use the information to help me rid myself of MS symptoms. Viewing your Typing Plan it seems this plan would most definitely consolidate the information in the book and therefore be beneficial for me. Is there anyway of purchasing the eating plan/guide by itself?

Let me start by saying that I too tried to follow the Eat Right For Your Type “blood type” diet many years ago. This was before I heard about Metabolic Typing, and it seemed to make some sense that my blood type might affect what I should eat.

But there’s a problem with ANY diet that is fairly simplistic with just a few types, like the blood type diet has. You see, the blood type diet will work only if by chance they happen to match you with a diet that is right for you metabollically.

In my case, the diet for my blood type did NOT match my Metabolic Type. The diet it forced onto me was exactly wrong for my Metabolic Type.

Once I became a certified nutrition advisor, I learned that your blood type doesn’t reveal your Metabolic Type. There is almost no relationship between the two. So the chances are fairly large that you will get the wrong diet for yourself if you just consider blood type.

Of course, in Real Metabolic Typing, we do consider blood type as a factor. But we primarily use blood type for looking at possible allergies and sensitivities. So the blood type diet is good for telling you what NOT to eat. But it doesn’t really tell you what to eat for your metabolism.

So as you fill out your metabolic questionnaire, there’s a place to enter your blood type. But if you don’t know it, then don’t worry. It won’t affect determining your Metabolic Type. Since this is a “metabolic” based report, blood type doesn’t directly affect the rest of your profile. But if you do know your type, that’s great, because we can give you information on what you might need to avoid.

So getting back to the question above, our planning guides won’t help you, if you are using the blood type diet. You are starting off on the wrong foot to begin with!

But they will help you and will be included when you order your custom nutrition profile and nutrition plan. We also include detailed videos and checklists to help you use these sheets and your food chart.

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Carole Taylor is a nutritionist, Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advisor, and a Certified Neurogistics Wellness Practitioner. She focuses on work with clients online to help them improve their health, control their weight, and get better energy and digestion through Real Metabolic Typing. To get your free video on Real Metabolic Typing®, just visit Carole's website at MetaTyping.Com


2 Responses to “Does your blood type reveal your metabolic type?”
  1. rosemarie says:

    i really love to start metabolic typing but i dont have money … i hope you will give me hints just a littel advice for mi what to eat..i’m thin and eat rice because i’m asian women with vegetable and a little bit of fish and meat. thanks! good luck to you ms carole!

  2. Carole Taylor says:

    Hi Rosemary – Thank you for letting me know.

    I’m sorry that I’m not able to give you specific advice on what to eat. As you know, we are all unique and require different foods and nutrients in the right ratios to be our healthiest. Since we don’t know your metabolic type, there would be no way to know what foods would work best for you.

    Keep reading the blog for suggestions on health that may be helpful.