Fat Does NOT Make You Fat

What do you think of when you see an overweight person?

Do you see someone who eats too much? Someone with no self-control? Someone who stuffs themselves?

When I see an overweight person, I see someone who is STARVING themselves!

When someone has a weight problem, what happens is that they are unable to properly metabolize, or convert to energy, the carbs, proteins, fats and calories they are eating.

They could even be eating high-quality, healthy foods, but their body is starving for the right foods and nutrients to satisfy their hunger and normalize their metabolism.

Of course, there can be many physical and emotional reasons why someone is overweight. But no matter what the reason, we know one thing for certain – the food this person is eating is being “stored” rather than “burned”. That’s about the only thing we know with absolute certainty.

Which means – assuming you have no special medical condition (and a majority of overweight people don’t) – the food you are eating is INCOMPATIBLE with your metabolism.

This is KEY! If you are eating “healthy” but continue to gain weight, have low energy or other health problems, look no further than the foods you are eating. These are the foods that are NOT right for your Metabolic Type. Stop eating them! Your body is giving you a clear signal by the unwanted weight gain and not feeling up to par. To ignore your body’s signals is to continue to imbalance your body chemistry.

Speaking of the foods you are eating, one of the biggest misconceptions we have to clear up is about “fatty foods”.

Let’s get this straight – dietary fat from foods does NOT make you gain weight. Or in other words, fat does not make you fat.

Nearly a decade ago, The American Journal of Medicine published this important bit of information:

“Diets high in fat do not appear to be the primary cause of the high prevalence of excess body fat in our society, and reductions in fat will not be a solution.”

Did you read that? Reducing fat intake will NOT help you lose weight!

Of course, you never hear this from all of those so-called diet experts on TV or in magazines. Yes, we’ve known that “fat doesn’t make you fat” for a decade, but so far, only cutting-edge doctors and leading researchers, as well as Metabolic Typing experts like me, have passed this information on to their clients and patients.

Most of the general public (including those pseudo-experts on TV) still think that fat and high calorie foods are what make them fat. And many people try to eat “low-fat” foods to lose weight and improve their health, but wind up gaining weight and making their health worse. Yes, people do gain weight on low-fat foods and low-fat diets.

Besides weight problems, another problem that “starving ourselves” can contribute to is degenerative disease.

Degenerative disease makes up about 85% to 90% of the diseases afflicting us today. While these diseases can have many causes, we know that poor nutrition can make us MORE likely to develop certain conditions and problems.

As we continue to ignore our metabolic individuality when we eat, our body continues to become unbalanced – the millions of cells that require nutrients begin to break down. When the body does not have the right nutrition, we literally become malnourished. As we become more malnourished, the potential to develop infectious and degenerative disease increases.

As I always tell my clients, it’s not the food and not the diet – it’s your body settings, those “internal switches” that control your metabolism!

People of different Metabolic Types (that is, with different “internal switches”) require different foods in different ratios to improve their health. Addressing the problem at the metabolic level is the place to maximize improvement within the body. Improving digestion and assimilation of the food you eat will begin to correct your biochemistry from metabolic imbalance to becoming more balanced.

Because that’s what the real problem is – it’s a metabolic imbalance. In other words,

Weight gain and degenerative diseases aren’t “problems”. They are “symptoms” of the real problem.

And that problem is metabolic imbalance.

So the solution is a plan that helps you fix the real problem, and that’s where REAL Metabolic Typing and your custom nutrition profile come in. A done-for-you plan, based on a custom nutrition profile made for you and no one else, is your best bet. It may just be what you need to help you to feel more energized, healthier, younger, and it may just help you lose those extra pounds or kilos a whole lot more easily!

So to get started on your custom plan RIGHT NOW – just click here to take the first steps towards getting your custom metabolic profile.

Wishing you the best in health and nutrition,

Carole Taylor
Carole Taylor
C.M.T.A., F.D.N., N.W.P.

About Carole Taylor
Carole Taylor is a nutritionist, Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advisor, and a Certified Neurogistics Wellness Practitioner. She focuses on work with clients online to help them improve their health, control their weight, and get better energy and digestion through Real Metabolic Typing. To get your free video on Real Metabolic Typing®, just visit Carole's website at MetaTyping.Com


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  2. gedemiras says:

    Powerful post.

  3. julius says:

    Excellent and very true information! India and China have known all this for centuries, but the west is trying to take credit for “new breakthrough discoveries”, not the case…. Comon sense, not marketing hype, is what’s needed to understand and do things properly and correctly. Thanx for all the great info! My hat’s off to you young lady, cause I’m 69 and feeling great! But 10 yrs of listening and following docs advice, almost did me in and I have 5 Docs in my family! AMA & FDA are responsible for all the misinformation simply protecting their financial and marketing interests! Shame on them! Liars, cheats, corrupt and inmoral!