How to eat your favorite foods … the metabolic way!

The hardest part of any nutrition plan is giving up your favorite foods. But do you really need to do that? Is there a way you can eat your favorite foods and still eat metabolically?


Can I eat this?

Often when people first get their new metabolic typing plan, the food chart is the first thing the check. And they start checking it to see if there favorite foods are on it, and what category these foods are in.

I’m sorry to say … that’s a really bad way to start your new metabolic plan! Find out why in this short article.


The Caloric Mistake that DOUBLES Your Risk of Gaining Pounds!

For this week’s blog, here’s an article by our guest contributor, Dr. Joseph Mercola. This article is © copyright 2011 by Dr. Joseph Mercola and is used by permission. Sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at the absurd methods employed by the food industry to deceive and manipulate you. Take Splenda, for example. [...]


Does your blood type reveal your metabolic type?

One of our website visitors asked about the blood type diet, and if she could use our eating plans with this diet. Does your blood type reveal your metabolic type? Find out the answer in this short article.


Help! MT is making my problems worse!

No one likes to hear this, but sometimes, when you start eating metabolically, your problems get worse at the start. You might find your health problems get a little worse, or you gain a bit more weight, or you feel more rundown, or your digestion seems sluggish.

And immediately, you might jump to the conclusion that metabolc typing doesn’t work. But … hold on. Don’t jump to conclusions. Learn how these reactions mean you actually ARE on the right path!


Are you taking the RIGHT Vitamin C for your type?

Everybody knows how great Vitamin C is. But did you know that there are different “types” of Vitamin C? And that different metabolic types require different types of Vitamin C?

Make sure you aren’t making a “vitamin mistake” by thinking you can take any old Vitamin and it will work for you. It won’t!


Will my family have the same metabolic type as me?

Occasionally, I’m asked by people considering Real Metabolic Typing, “Since we are related, will my family members have similar metabolic types?” Find out how genetics play a part.


Rebuild, rejuvenate, and re-energize with HQ foods!

What foods lead to better digestion, healthier internal organs, a stronger nervous system, better brain functioning, and rejuvenation? What foods boost energy and contribute to a strong immune system? Find out in this article.


Vitamins, herbs, and supplements – are they important?

Do you take vitamins, herbs, or supplements? Here’s what you need to know about these “micro-nutrients”.


Does Medication Interfere with Finding Your Real Metabolic Type?

Quite a few clients who come to me for help have some sort of health compromise. And many of them are on medication, which often have side effects. So you may be wondering, “Does medication interfere with finding your Real Metabolic Type?”


Can a questionnaire really determine your metabolic type?

Can a questionnaire really determine your metabolic type? Or are there better ways? Find out what does the best job of determining your metabolic type.


Metabolic Typing is not a diet, but a set of skills

As you begin your Metabolic Typing plan, keep in mind that Metabolic Typing is not a “eat this/don’t eat this” diet like most other diet plans. Instead, Metabolic typing is about developing skills.


Can REAL Metabolic Typing Help Me GAIN Weight?

I received an email from Becky, who was concerned about her weight . But unlike most people, she’s not overweight. Instead she asked, “I need to gain weight. Can your Metabolic Typing plan help?” Find out how Real Metabolic Typing helps with all kinds of weight problems.


Is Alternative Medicine Better? Maybe NOT!

65 to 80 percent of the world’s population (about 3 billion people) uses alternative medicine, but is alternative medicine really better than conventional medicine? You may be surprised at the answer!


Become Healthier – Not Sicker – As You Age!

Are birthdays something you are beginning to dread? Do you think that growing older means ill health and loss of vitality? Well, I’m here to tell you, “it just ain’t so!” Learn what you can do to turn it all around.


“The Doctor of the Future”

Thomas Edison, the American inventor and scientist, had a specific vision and specific idea for the “doctor of the future”. Are we there yet? We may have stumbled a bit, but we’re getting close.


Here Are Three Things You Can Do to STOP Sabotaging Your Weight, Health, and Energy

Are you destroying your health, weight and energy without even realizing it? Here are three things you can do RIGHT NOW to put yourself on the right track.


Think that Eating Meat Causes High Cholesterol? Think AGAIN!

Does a diet of meat and fat cause high cholesterol? The answer may surprise you. Find out how you can know for sure about this common misconception.


Want to Save Over $5000 Per Year? Just Lose Weight

Want to save money? Researchers have found that being overweight takes money right out of your pocketbook! Learn how much being overweight costs the average person.


How the Corn Syrup Makers Are Trying to FOOL You with a Name Change

Over 58 percent of Americans say they are concerned that high-fructose corn syrup poses a health risk. So what have the manufactures done? They’ve HIDDEN behind a name change! Learn how they are trying to make a fool of you.


Salad Every Day? Is the TV Doctor Right?

On a recent episode of a famous TV doctor’s talk show, one of his experts suggested eating salad every day. Was this expert right? And is there a way you could know ahead of time if a given piece of diet advice is right for you? Read this short article to find out.


Vegetarians vs. Meat-Eaters – Who is Metabolically Correct?

Does Real metabolic typing allow people to be vegetarians? Or are the “meat-eaters” the ones who are metabolically correct? Find out what REAL metabolic typing has to say about vegetarians and meat-eaters.


The Metabolic Typing Scam!

Let me guess – you’ve already taken a “metabolic test” and it says you are a “carb type” or a “protein type” or a “mixed type”. Well, congratulations – you are well on your way to GAINING weight and RUINING your health! Find out why you’ve been scammed.


Fat Does NOT Make You Fat

hat do you think of when you see an overweight person? Do you see someone who eats too much? Someone with no self-control? Someone who stuffs themselves? When I see an overweight person, I see someone who is STARVING themselves! Find out what being over weight REALLY means.


“Dining Out” Dilemma – Eating Right For Your Metabolic Type Away From Home!

Eating metabolically is easy when you eat at home. You have complete control over what you shop for, what you buy, and what you prepare. But what do you do when you are away from home? Find out what you should do when you dine out at restaurants or at the homes of friends.