Rebuild, rejuvenate, and re-energize with HQ foods!

Rebuild, rejuvenate, and re-energize with HQ foodsThere’s no doubt that the MetaTyping Nutrition Plan will help you choose the right proportions and types of foods that will have you feeling healthy and energetic.

But once you know the proportions and types of foods you should eat, how do you choose the “right” food?

After all, whether you are choosing a cut of beef for protein, or a pasta or vegetable for carbohydrates, or an oil for fat, you want food that contains the maximum nutrients and gives you the most for your money. This is where the concept of “high quality” foods, or HQ foods, comes in.

HQ foods are foods that contain maximum nutrients, fresh and clean, and are as easily digestible as possible, given your metabolic recommendations.

HQ foods lead to better digestion, healthier internal organs, a stronger nervous system, better brain functioning, and rejuvenation. These foods boost energy and contribute to a strong immune system.

So does the quality of your food really matter? Are low quality foods really a problem?

Eating food with chemicals, pesticides or antibiotics added to them causes your internal systems to work overtime to try and eliminate these substances that the body can’t use and can be actually harmful to your internal systems. Low quality foods drain your energy and compromise your immune system.

The more chemicals, preservatives and additives added or used in the processing of your food which you eat, the more it becomes overwhelmingly difficult for your body to digest your food and eliminate the toxins. At some point, your body begins to show signs of symptoms and disease. These problems may show up as low energy, feeling tired or depressed.

So what are high quality foods? Here are a few examples:

- Meat or Fish
High Quality: Wild-caught, naturally raised
Avoid: Commercially raised, farm-raised

- Fruit
High Quality: Organic, fresh, frozen unsweetened
Avoid: Non-organic, commercially canned

- Nuts and Seeds
High Quality: Fresh, raw, organic only
Avoid: Roasted, salted, commercial

- Grain
High Quality: Whole, natural, organic
Avoid: White, bleached, processed, sugared

- Oils and Fats
High Quality: Cold pressed, natural, organic, animal fats from grass-fed animals
Avoid: Hydrogenated, heated, rancid, purified or extracted

In general, my recommendations are for whole, unprocessed meats; wild fish from unpolluted waters; and whole, raw nuts, seeds and grains grown on nutrient-rich soil with natural fertilizers. These nutrient-dense foods give us greater amounts of what we need to build or re-build ourselves in both body and mind.

About Carole Taylor
Carole Taylor is a nutritionist, Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advisor, and a Certified Neurogistics Wellness Practitioner. She focuses on work with clients online to help them improve their health, control their weight, and get better energy and digestion through Real Metabolic Typing. To get your free video on Real Metabolic Typing®, just visit Carole's website at MetaTyping.Com

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