Want to Save Over $5000 Per Year? Just Lose Weight

Real Metabolic Typing helps you lose weightAccording to researchers at George Washington University, being overweight costs you on average $4,879 per year if you’re a woman, and $2646 per year if you’re a man!
Think of it. The only thing “lighter” about being overweight is the contents of your wallet and pocketbook! And it’s not just your medical bills that are higher if you are overweight. Being overweight means lower wages. Overweight women especially earn less on average than right-sized women, plus use more sick time. The researchers even factored in the extra gasoline you need for your car to haul the extra weight around.
One study by Wellspring Camps suggests that over your lifetime, being overweight will cost you over a HALF-MILLION dollars – the exact figure is $549,907.35!
So want to save yourself a half-million dollars in extra expenses?
Find your REAL Metabolic Type, get your food chart, and start shedding those extra pounds. It’s like putting money into the bank!

About Carole Taylor
Carole Taylor is a nutritionist, Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Advisor, and a Certified Neurogistics Wellness Practitioner. She focuses on work with clients online to help them improve their health, control their weight, and get better energy and digestion through Real Metabolic Typing. To get your free video on Real Metabolic Typing®, just visit Carole's website at MetaTyping.Com

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